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Open Mic Nights, Empty Bottle Mornings (2008)

Open Mic Nights, Empty Bottle Mornings (2008)

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Mike Maimone's solo debut album, released September 15, 2008 


Recorded and mixed by Manny Sanchez at the I.V. Lab, Chicago, IL.

Brian Aiken - Bass
Darren Garvey - Drums
Mike Maimone - Piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Hammond organ, Vox organ, pump organ, harmonium, glockenspiel, synths, percussion, vocals, production
Jodi Rosenthal - vocals on Track 4; All My Love

Mastered at Airshow Mastering.


"Accountant-Turned-Piano-Man Mike Maimone comes on strong with his debut album. Maimone's unique blend of bluesy piano rock is frenetic and enthralling, as he pounds the keys with unparalleled energy. His voice is harsh, smoky, and distinctly his own, with a raw sound that is captivating. His songs are incredibly tight and well done – in fact, there's not a bad song on here. He blends ragtime enthusiasm with a manic rock sensibility, creating timeless songs with a solid structure. His words are alternately charming, depressing, and hilarious, vaguely reminiscent of Harry Nilsson.

I was really impressed with this CD. Maimone's classic, old-timey piano sound is delivered with an unmatched energy. It's quite apparent when listening to his music that he wrote what he wanted to write – he's not catering to anyone or trying to be anything other than himself. This "Reformed Accountant" has definitely found his calling, and I will look forward to seeing what he does next. "
- Beeb Ashcroft,

"Maimone demonstrates a sublime sense of optimism about everything from love, to vice, to suicide, to Caddyshack II (not necessarily in that order, but come to think of it, probably in that order) in story songs that tattoo their way upon a listener's consciousness. And following his Carter-era muses, the lush production (with fearless forays away from piano man territory) seems to imply that Maimone belongs in an era when people actually bought good music."
- Rocktober Magazine, Issue #46

"This Midwestern Mike sounds like Randy Newman with some Tom Waits, Graham Parker, Elton John, Doctor John, and Professor Longhair. Too raucous R&B/ragtime to be a piano bar star - he's too scratchy-voiced and proud to play Billy Joel's "Piano Man" - the superlative-fingered, aggressive Maimone and bassist and drummer pump out jump 'n' jive with aplomb, panache, and abandon. Hey, the bottles of the LP title, evoking many bleary-eyed A.M.s of Gordons or Jim Beam, didn't empty themselves! And for a guy not long out of Notre Dame, he sounds like he's twice his age and has been thrown out of bars the world over for breaking beer steins and shattering shot glasses. I'd drink with him - "For all my friends!"
- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover Magazine

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